What is the difference between Flank 5 Academy and other masters programs?

Flank 5 brings together cutting edge psychology and counseling practices, business strategy, and a group support structure to achieve results that you cannot achieve any where else. This entire program is structured to help you quickly identify your unique skills, interests, and aspirations, and connect that to an actionable plan to change your current trajectory. Many masters programs help you to learn certain competencies and knowledge. However, there is no effective plan or effective follow up to help the graduate make the transition into that new career. Or, the paths offered by the school are limited and not tailored for a person’s unique personal aspiration. This program is for people regardless of content area (marketing, finance, small business entrepreneurs, and yes techies) who are looking for some support to help bridge the vast expanse between being “hungry” to do something new and different and actually launching an enterprise or changing careers.


What is the difference between Flank 5 Academy and career coaching?

While career coaching can be effective in specific circumstances, many people prefer a more structured process that pushes us to take action. Many of the career coaching conversations can focus on resumes, job boards, and your linkedIn profile. We have a fundamentally different conversation about charting your future. The career that will really give you fulfillment probably never makes it onto a job board. Furthermore, we believe that the power of a connected, supportive, accountable group is far more effective than anything we can do on an individual basis. Career coaching is not structured to create such groups. Flank 5, to the contrary, begins with a retreat for this expressed purpose and continues in this group engagement model.


Why Flank 5 Academy now?

Because of technology, access to resources, and a changing marketplace how a person goes about building an enterprise has fundamentally changed. For the first time ever, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves the question, “what work would fulfill my aspirations”. The rules have changed though on how this new world works – and it’s a lot more complicated, interesting, and profitable than advanced degrees, report cards, and resumes. We will help you understand this process better.


Is this just another course with professors lecturing?

No. While talks and lectures are of value we also know that listening isn’t the same as doing – we need to have a bias for action. Most of us have been thinking and listening for far too long. Now it’s time to act. Now it’s time to, as Seth Godin says, “ship it”. 70% done is good enough by most standards. Many of us don’t start our futures because of fear, perfectionism, not having a plan or even general procrastination. Our primary goal is to help you take real action toward something that utilizes your highest potential and deepest passions. We believe this will be the best marker of success.

What does Flank 5 mean?

Flank is a nautical term for speed. For a ship to go full speed, a Captain orders, “All Ahead Flank!” It is a speed that ships very rarely go, like driving your car the maximum speed, because equipment will break in the process of a ship actually going it’s maximum speed. Flank 5 Academy is founded on the principal that we all want to realize our full potential, and that to get there we will be changed in the process. If you are ready to go Flank 5, then get ready for change, but also discover what your full potential really is.


What specific skills will I learn?

We don’t teach discrete skills such as programming, marketing or financial analysis – because we don’t think that is what is holding you back. That is, in part, what differentiates us from all of the other “teaching” programs. Flank 5 teaches how to understand our personal make up and how to create and implement a plan to reach our aspirational goals. Specific skills may be required as you gain insight, and through the program you will know where and how to obtain these. In general, our hypothesis is that you have plenty of skills, and more degrees than you need. What you need is to get started. That’s about what your emotional resilience and your personal strategy – not your resume.


What industries do students come from?

People come from many different industries: aspiring restaurant owners, non-profit CEO’s ready for a change, lawyers, consultants, and filmmakers. People come because they want to create their plan – and know that another degree will not help them do that. Our most sincere hope is that you complete the program and go create films, start non-profits, run for political office, start tech companies, write a book, or start the next industrial distribution company. Our world needs them all.


Who shouldn’t do Flank 5?

For people who want to build their resumes or are not willing to think differently. We also do not advise Flank 5 for people who are in financial hardship and have a short-term need for employment. You need to come with an ambition to do more, and step outside of your comfort zone to realize it. One of the things we will teach you is the new world economy belongs to those who create. Resumes represent an outdated paradigm to try to get “picked”. The new economy belongs to those who create their own path and “pick” themselves. You may not know exactly what you want to do yet, and that’s ok, but you should come ready to push yourself and your self understanding.


Are there any disqualifiers to Flank 5?

If you aren’t willing to do personal discovery, then this program may not be for you. Your ability to realize and then move toward your ambition is a personal adventure – and we believe that you cannot live courageously without the emotional understanding, and tools, this journey requires. We leverage impactful individual and group techniques to unlock personal understanding. Those not willing to take the risks necessary in this will not benefit fully from the program.