Our Approach


How Flank 5 is Different


We Focus On Your Personal Strategy

When it comes to starting businesses or changing careers, the hardest part is “taking the leap” and having a personal strategy for how to be successful. We do not teach you content like a masters program would or even how to write a business plan because that really is not the critical factor to determine whether you will make a change in your life. We think you have the knowledge to be successful – what you need is a strategy for how to put it to work for you. In fact, we think people sometimes want to change, but do not know how, and so they go take another course to “learn something”. Our encouragement is to stop taking classes, and start doing.

You will graduate the course with a personal strategic plan with milestones for your self, a networking strategy, and a specific and defined professional goal statement that really does serve as your professional destination for you. You are in the drivers seat – this is a course about you.

We Use a Structured Process to Drive Action

Just as psychological biases can create strong inhibitors to change, we know that they can be leveraged to create an environment that strongly encourages productive change. We strategically de-construct and then re-employ psychology techniques and protocols (i.e. Affirmative Bias) all to create an environment that pushes you towards your success and new aspiration. We make “seen” many of the “unseen” attributes that are holding us back, and repurpose them to serve your goals.

Too many of us are stuck because we are frustrated with our jobs and do not know where to turn. In the absence of a structured program like Flank 5, we try to “wing it” on our own.  In our work with client groups we see time and time again the power inherent in cohesive cohorts.  We believe that accountability and authenticity are absolute requisites for the deeper work required to plan a future for ourselves.

We Employ Group and Individual Psychologies

Uncovering your fears and blocking beliefs can be difficult!  Often, it takes much more than surveys and assessments.  At Flank 5 we use a variety of proven psychological approaches to help uncover the beliefs and messages that keep us stuck.

These include:

  • Experiential group exercises (role playing, practice conversations, future state ideation, group ideation)
  • Self-exploratory assessments and surveys to help bring out our authentic skills and passions
  • Visualization and scenario creation exercises to prepare for critical conversations and decisions

Commitment to Accountability and Strategic Action

It’s hard to do things in isolation, and yet we have individual goals for ourselves that are unique to us. Your networking plan, critical first step, transition plan, and personal transition strategy will all be different. We will push specificity to really articulate what and when you would like things to happen by – and then help hold you accountable to take action.


Flank 5 Academy is an environment where transformation occurs, and people take real and significant actions to pursue their aspirations.

Are you ready to acknowledge and honor that hunger? Are you ready to answer your call?