The Collective

The Collective

Fridays from 7:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Join a unique community of like-minded leaders as you pursue your personal and professional aspirations.

The Collective is a membership-based community offering weekly sessions and creating a space for you to connect with a community of achievers around your personal goals, career aspirations, and full potential.

Change in any context is hard.

To get where you want to go faster, community is required – it is the most effective asset for accountability, self-awareness, support, and fulfillment.










Flank 5 Academy brings powerful, results-oriented career development approaches to our newest product offering: The Collective. Why does it work?  The same reason so many group delivered formats work: there is power in involving others on your career journey.  When we surround ourselves with like-minded people in a high-trust environment we unleash the power of their collective creativity, support, and inspiration to help us advance in our own professional lives.  When we work in groups, we see success in other people’s advances and development, and become further inspired for our own.  In a group, we are reminded that we are not alone – that changing our professional lives to fulfill our professional destiny is a work in progress that we universally share as people and that there is joy and fulfillment in incremental successes and progress.

Members of The Collective will:

    • NETWORK: Meet a diverse group of goal-oriented professionals
    • STATE AND MEET GOALS: Articulate and define your future state aspirations
    • DISCOVER: Begin an exploration process for what your strengths / work alignment can be
    • GET ACCOUNTABLE: Implement an accountability framework through weekly check-ins
    • PROBLEM SOLVE: Unpack real-time, real-world scenarios in your professional life to develop crowd-sourced ideas for strategies to implement
    • LEARN FOR IMPACT: Read a book monthly grounded in strategies and applied psychology to help people realize their personal aspirations
    • GAIN PERSPECTIVE: Weekly meetings are ever-evolving  as 1) members change and grow 2) new people join with new perspectives and ideas, and 3) rotation of books and other resources allow for a relevant and exciting learning community

    Lead Facilitator – Emily Drake, CEO, Flank 5 Academy


    I’ve never been through a Flank 5 Academy program. Are there special steps to take?

    Participants who are not Flank 5 Academy alumni are welcome to attend. Your first step, before attending a session, will be to have an onboarding conversation with Emily to calibrate your strengths and your vision and to determine fit for the experience.

    How many people are in each session of The Collective?

    Each session runs with a maximum of 8 participants.

    How long does The Collective last?

    Like life and our career paths in general, The Collective is intentionally “evergreen” – as in, it never ends, and always evolves. Individuals will rotate in and out as they set and accomplish goals. The initial membership term requires a three-month commitment, to establish rapport and community with the group, yielding the best results for everyone involved. Most participants stay for four – six months.

    How are the weekly sessions structured?

    Each session has an intentional format, including time for check-ins, problem-solving and goal-setting for the past week and week to come. Participants will leave with a clearer picture of their challenges and successes.

    Where can I contact the facilitator with questions?

    Email us at We would love to hear from you.


MAKE Offices, 1 N. State, 15th Floor


Limited to 7 participants, ongoing admission

$300 per month, 3-month minimum

Annual memberships also available

To apply, please fill out our Readiness Indicator or send an email of interest to Emily at